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 2018 Results


Congratulations to all that ran the Swansea Half Marathon on 24th June in very hot conditions. Swansea Half 2018 (6)

Swansea Half(3)

Swansea Half 2018(2)

2017 Results

Well done to our Chairwoman, Jenny Fifield, for completing the Endure 24 twenty four hour race!

Well done to Gillian Handscomb and Gareth Thomas for completing the Celtic Trail Marathon at Margam Park. Gillian completed three marathons in three consecutive weekends!

Congratulations Viv Jones, who was the first female in her category at the Tenby 10k as part of the long course weekend. Other club members also took part, some completing all three events over the weekend – Edwyn Jenkins & Emma Williams.

Many Sospans put in a fantastic effort to complete the Swansea Half 2017. A massive well done to Cath Perkinton, Oriana Whelan, Glenn Willaims, Viv Jones, Bethan Hopkins, Debbie Lewis Garner, Paula Williams, Cathie Williams and Sue Ramsden


31st January 2016

A great day was had by all that attended the Lliswerry 8 race with many PB’s been recorded!!

Sospan road trip to Lliswerry

Sospan road trip to Lliswerry

Ryan King 57.29

Stewart Lucitt 59.34

Viv Jones 1.05.32

Angharad Thomas 1.05.32

Paul Jones 1.08.07

Rich Thomas 1.09.13

Stephen Job 1.09.41

Bethan Hopkins 1.14.24

Jackie Martin 1.16.52

Shan Thomas 1.20.15

Karen Morgan 1.20.27

Karen O’Brien 1.31.47

17th Jan 2016

Swansea Trail 10k

Well done Sospan ladies on running the Swansea trail 10k held in Penllegaer Woods

Jenny,Angharad, Gillian and Joanee full of smiles after their race!

13th Dec 2015

Well done to Ann and Ray Majer who ran Brackla Harriers Christmas Pudding Run

Christmas Pudding Run

4th Oct 2015

Cardiff Half Marathon

            Well done to all Sospans who ran the Diff!!..It was a fantastic day with many  PBs!                                                                ( support crew were awesome too I was told!!)

Nigel Phillips 1.21.54

Edwyn Jenkins 1.34.31

Ryan King 1.38.03

Laurence Jones 1.39.45

Nick Venables 1.40.19

Rhydian Williams 1.47.56

Stewart Lucitt 1.50.48

Viv Jones 1.54.37

Angharad Thomas 1.56.49

Emma Williams 1.58.02

Paul Jones 2.02.31

Mark Jones 2.03.06

Betty Hopkins 2.03.39

Jackie Martin 2.06.56

Richard Thomas 2.18.37

Diane Phillips 2.24.55

Anthony Sweetland 2.25.53

Karen Morgan 2.31.15

Sam Shingler 2.35.23

Arwel Davies 2.51.52

Karen O’brien 2.51.52

30th Aug 2015

Severn Bridge Half Marathon

Laurence Jones 1.43.43

Ray Majer 1.50.44

Ryan King 1.50.14

Stephen Job 1.59.10

Paul Jones 2.07.33

Charlotte Lockwood 2.38.59

Rebecca Moore 2.57.43

The Green Man Ultra Midnight Express

Well done to Laurence Jones who completed The Green Man Ultra Midnight Express in an awesome time of 11hrs 2mins

5th Aug 2015

HBA 5K Series Race 3

Jamie Best 18.46

Laurence Jones 21.04

Viv Jones 23.40

Richard Thomas 24.09

Dewi Davies 32.58

12th July 2015

Ammanford 10k

Nick Venables 47.15

Angharad Thomas 54.42

Jackie Martin 58.25

Dewi Davies 1.18.20

5th July 2015

Tenby 10K

tenby 10k

Caryl Williams-Ford 46.27

Gillian Phillips 47.27

Mandy Jack 48.29

Congratulations to the following who took part in the Long Course Weekend Tenby 3rd – 5th July 2015  some fantastic times recorded : Jamie Best, Edwyn Jenkins, Mark Jones and Philip Swann.

1st July 2015

HBA 5K Series Race 2

Nick Venables 21.35

Dewi Davies 34.56

Fantastic effort by Sospans who completed the Cotswold 113 Triathalon

14th June 2015

Jamie Best 4.46.08

Katie Morris 5.18.35

Caryl Williams-Ford 5.20.03

Stuart Griffiths 5.21.01

Paul Kingdon 5.37.05

Nicola Griffiths 5.51.07

Mandy Jack 5.51.07

Mel Best 6.22.36

A strong show of Sospans running the Swansea half this year well done to all!!

14th June 2015

Nigel Phillips 1.24.18

John Marson 1.33.40

Wesley Bereza 1.36.32

Ryan King 1.43.51

Ed Jenkins 1.47.59

Stephen Job 1.54.01

Stewart Lucitt 1.54.06

Dani Wood 1.57.54

Angharad Thomas 2.01.26

Sam Shingler 2.02.11

Emma Williams 2.02.22

Paul Jones 2.07.48

Mark Jones 2.08.12

Debbie Garner 2.17.21

Cotswold Way Ultra Challenge 100 Miles!!!

A massive congratulations must go out to Jenny Fifield on completing the Cotswold Ultra 100 she’s one amazing lady!

3rd June 2015

HBA 5K Series Race 1

Nick Venables 21.53

Stuart Lucitt 22.05

Gethin Francis 23.56

John Grenhill 25.28

Nigel Thomas 25.37

Non Gwynn 30.26

Dewi Davies 39.16

27th May 2015

Whitford Point Multi Terrain

Marc Saunders 59.57

13th May 2015

Run4All 5K Series

John Marson 20.40

9th May 2015

Well done to the Sospans who tamed the Preseli Beast!! Also a big “THANK YOU” to our support team who did an amazing job cheering everyone across the finish line.

Preseli Beast

Jenny Fifield 6.02.20

Preseli Beast Bach

Gillian Phillips 1.49.31

Edwyn Jenkins 1.52.29

Viv Jones 2.07.57

Angharad Thomas 2.11.11

Gethin Francis 2.13.20

Nick Venables 2.15.40

Emma Williams 2.24.20

Mark Jones 2.32.28

Sam Shingler 2.32.28

Paul Jones 2.32.28

Jackie Martin 2.32.28

26th April 2015

Congratulations to all those Sospans who completed the Virgin London Marathon for some their first ever marathon and on the other end of the scale it was the 20th for Andrew Thomas! Well done all.

Jamie Best 3.26.34

Andrew Thomas 3.32.56

John Marson 3.33.59

Laura Thomas 4.39.52

Karen O’Brien 5.26.40

Jackie Martin 5.42.02

19th April 2015

Congratulations to those who completed the Great Welsh Half and Full Marathon.

Half Marathon

Katie Morris 1.41.01 (2nd Female)

Caryl Williams-Ford 1.41.23 (3rd Female)

Full Marathon

Matt Rogerson 4.05.22

Celyn Evans 4.31.29

5 OCTOBER 2014

Congratulations to all those Sospans who completed Cardiff Half marathon including the following who earned well deserved PBs.

Nigel Thomas 1.46.51 (age group PB)

Alison Thomas 2.37.04

Gethin Francis 1.57.45

Betty Hopkins 2.06.27

Alison Davies 2.25.04

Nicola Grifiths 1.45.35

Laura Thomas 1.47

Nick Venables 1.41.58

Mark Jones 1.54.38


Congratulations to all Sospans who competed in very warm conditions in Swansea Bay 10k and Bristol Half Marathon at the weekend, especially those below who earned 10k Pbs.

Caryl Williams-Ford 46.33

Nicola Griffiths 46.35

Viv Jones 51.09

Mark Jones 51.10

Gethin Francis 51.46

Betty Hopkins 55.35

Sam Shingler 56.03

Karen Morgan 1.03.59