Member Testimonials

“The Sospan Road Runners and Power Walkers are amazing people, they are all truly inspirational and are there to help people achieve their ambitions whether it be walking a mile or running 40 miles. Walking/Running (while chatting obviously) certainly helps focus the mind and gives an overwhelming sense of well being like no other feeling I have ever felt before. Lose your nervous thoughts of “I can’t do that” and come and join the most friendly running club in Wales.”

“When I joined I had only completed a 5k race, but the confidence I got from the training with the Club has helped me progress to a half marathon. The warm welcome meant I soon overcame any nerves on joining a running club”

“I joined the Wednesday night group a couple of months ago. I need guidance with my running and Jenny provides the perfect combination of structure whilst making it immensely enjoyable. She is an inspiration.”

“If I had to sum up what the club has done for me in one sentence it would be…”SRR turned me into a runner”. I joined the club barely able to do a 5k and now I run marathons and ultras. I would not have been able to do that without the encouragement, support and friendship that SRR brings. My first memory of the club was thinking to myself I wish I could run and talk like they do. Well I have perfected the art of that, maybe too much lol. SRR it’s a great club full of great people.”

“I love the club because it’s so friendly and supportive. I was really nervous about joining because, being a very slow runner, I was worried I wouldn’t be welcome or would be made to feel embarassed. However I’ve had nothing but encouragement, guidance and support from members of all ability. Everyone’s success is celebrated…no matter how small or at what level.”

“I’d like to say how great the club is. I moved back to the area 2 years ago and wanted to join but was nervous. Everyone was so welcoming and every session is suited for all levels. Since joining the club I have taken part in many events. I never thought I’d be able to do a half marathon let alone a marathon but thanks to the club I have managed to acheive these goals and am thrilled!”

“Very sociable club, and motivating, I improved so much from Thursday sessions, great fun club to be with.”

“I joined the Sospans because I wanted to RUN the Race for Life and not walk it. Two and a half years later I ran the London Marathon :-) The club welcomed me as a non-runner with open arms and has supported and kept me laughing through, wind, hail and occasional sunshine! As well as helping me to get fit, I’ve made some fantastic friends who are truly inspirational – and i’ve also found out where the best fried breakfast in Llanelli is! Sospans rule – fact!!”

“The encouragement and support I have had since I joined sospans has been amazing! I have achieved things I would never have done otherwise. They are a truly fantastic group of guys n girls.”

A friendly running and power walking club in Llanelli